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Mountain View


Address: 468 New Market Boulevard, Suite B, Boone, NC 28607
Phone: (828) 264 -5900
Fax: (828) 264 -5969

Providing caring and effective service since 1984 in the areas of real property and small business transactions; business entity formations and representation; homeowners' association law, estate planning, and estate administration.

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Rated 5 Star★★★★★

"Best Real Estate Attorney in the High Country! John is intelligent, thorough, and an exceptional counselor. If you plan to buy real estate in the high country I highly recommend John and his staff to handle your closing, they are phenomenal."- Google Reviewer

"Turner Law - John Turner & his staff are tremendous. John Turner is the most thorough, comprehensive real estate attorney in the High Country."- Google Reviewer

"Highly recommended office. When needed, I'll work with them again without hesitation."- Google Reviewer

"I used John Turner to help me on two occasions. Once with an LLC and again with upfront assistance on a real estate transaction. The LLC and supporting work was very professional with insightful advice and assistance. For the real estate purchase he negotiated the details of an unusual purchase I made and his strategic advice was as valuable as his flawless legal work. I found him to be a very lucid, straight forward, and down to earth communicator who give me very sound advice that was clearly in my best self interest that allowed me to accomplish my goals without undue complications or legal fees. I will be using him for additional legal work in the future."- Yelp Reviewer

"John Turner is an amazing attorney. Always very helpful!."- Google Reviewer

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468 New Market Blvd B, Boone, NC 28607, USA

Office: (828)264-5900

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